Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cambodian Students Review Hollywood, part I

Most home-grown Cambodian
films involve scary ghosts.
Last year when I was teaching in Cambodia, I decided to start a weekly lending library of sorts for DVDs, since they were cheap (to me) and would provide an additional flow of English to students, not to mention entertainment. Unlike EFL students in more developed countries like Indonesia, students had seen relatively few western films, and were generally unaware of who big movie stars were. (This made the lesson on "Little-known facts of the Stars" a total pain to teach.)

Once a month, I would have them write reviews. I have a good number of these, so it's likely to be an ongoing series. Here goes...

Cambodian Movie Reviews

Fly of the Concord: Germain and Bret are close friends. They are the main characters in the movie. They are kind of funny characters. Every episode they have one or two songs that describe their lives and feeling. In an episode the two friends get hurt because they faile in their love. At first I thought only Bret that have a broken heart, but later in the episode Saly also broked Germain's heart.


Sherlock Holmes is a movie that show about analyzing based on critical way and ability, of a guy named Holmes, who can imagine to see short future. This movie showed about the challenge between Holmes with his partner and Blackwood, who was a guy wanted to dominate all people.

Blackwood tried to show that he had magic to change the world, and he couldn't died. First he was sentenced by hanging his neck because of his killing woman on purpose by using his lying magic. After, he was sentenced, everyone believed he died. Eventually, a few day later, Blackwood survived. Then many people believed he might has magic to change the world, so they should follow him.

Without hopeless, Holmes and his partner tried to figure out that it was all lying. Both of them acrossed many risk until successful. The end of the movie, Sherlock Holmes analyzed that it was a plan of Blackwood. In fact, Blackwood had no magic. He used chemical substance to hide his deaths, and he also used a very good design machine to react with the cloud and caused the sky black. Everythings were revealed by Holmes and his partner, and Blackwood died was pity.

I watched a movie called "The Little Manmade." It was the interesting cartoon. It has a lot of beautiful song, and beautiful views under the ocean. It is a lovely movie that full of lovely creatures.

However, next time I would like the fighting movie.

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